Hinails! Tokyo


Hi Nails! is a nail salon just one minute from Daikanyama Station, a fashionable part of town.
Let happiness come from the tips of your fingers with trendy & cute pop designs by a nail artist who has extensive
experience in NY!

The History of Nail Culture and Dzine

anmi's works in New York check it out!
Hello! I am the owner of Hi Nails!, anmi. freelancer in New York,USA started a nail salon in Daikanyama in Tokyo
At Hi Nails!, I integrate the five aspects of surefire techniques, speedy application, creative designs, reasonable prices, and proper sanitation
Hi Nails! Various nail menu Nail art, flat rate plan, reasonable tickets and men’s nail care
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Hi Nails! in Daikanyama

代官山駅徒歩1分。指先に幸せが宿るネイルサロン、Hi Nails!(ハイネイルズ)


501, Kasuteiyo Daikanyama, Daikanyamacho,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ,150-0034 Japan

From Tokyu Toyoko Line Daikanyama Station’s West Exit, continue toward Daikanyama Address Mall, turn right at the corner of Hachiman-doori Avenue, where there’s a brown brick building. Go to the 5th floor using the elevator, where the salon is in S-box, room 501.

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